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Lauren & Keobs’ Masqueraqde Ball

venetian_masquerade_maskLast night was Lauren & Keobs’ surprise 2nd anniversar/going away Masquerade Ball.

Although there wasn’t a murder or monsters of any sort, there were (unfortunately) ghosts of ex-girlfriends past. Ask me the story later 😉 😉 I’m not allowed to publish it online.

 With that out of my system I can go on to say that the whole night was a blast! Lauren was totally surprised her mom had planned this whole party for her. Of course Keobs knew but played along. Lauren looked so beautiful- straight out of a movie. with a white wig, white gown and gold butterfly mask (I am going to miss her). As for Art and I we didn’t do so badly ourselves. We were very Posh and Becks- as I like to say. Please see photo…

I loved seeing all the masks that showed up at the party. There were 3 “V”s from “V for Vendetta” and many feathered ladies. The music as always was great thanks to DJ Danny.

The after party I thought was a little better than the actual party. I felt that we were all able to sit and talk more freely without the darkness of a dance floor and the blaring music. We ordered tacos from the local roach coach however I think Rudy (Lauren’s dad) was a little offended by since I heard him mumbling about it a few hours later, then making some tacos of his own at 1:30 am. 

My mom found an admirer named Steve who kept calling her a movie star/ Marilyn Monroe. My dad thought he was over doing it with it all his theatrics but of course my mother loved all the attention and insisted she get his and his wife’s phone number to invite them to one of her dinner parties that she never throws. And yes they left the party without giving my mother their number but promising her to attend her parties. By that point Art and I had had enough and crashed on the couch along side Michelle whom was fast asleep on the arm-chair beside us. We ended up leaving the Coria house/ after party at 3:20 am but not before Keobs and Art declaring their loyalty to “Team Bella” and Lauren and I reenforcing our undying love for “Team Edward”!

As always till next time- Bite me.

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  1. Prisca G
    October 29, 2009 at 7:10 PM

    This is actually very interesting and funny

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