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Britt’s Fall ’09 MUST haves!

Ok ladies this is what I know we must have this fall season. I have already started collecting my fall look- have you???
Here are my 10 must haves!


It’s time to celebrate! We no longer need to be heroin filled rock stars in order to sport the studs. I am filled with glee and joy- like a rockstar I’m on a high. And get this- studs are on everything. Really! I mean Everything! I went to Zara last Friday and they SEQUIN POCKET DRESSwere on purses, blazers, booties and stilettos. I was DYing! I literally coded, fortunately I came back to life for must have #2.

I went to Urban Outfitters right after Zara on Friday and the selection of sequins is unbelievable. There are Sequin bras, racer backs, and t-shirts. Yes, Urban is a totally teeny bopper andfaux fur vest junior but with the right accessories you can make it look all growns up.

3. Faux Fur Vest
Faux fur is totally BANANAS! This is completely Rachel Zoe. I didn’t like these much before but after a season of The Rachel Zoe Project I have converted. Art was not pleased about my liking of fake animal killing but who cares everyone needs one of these.
With a long sleeve tee or a dress you must have a faux fur vest (also available at Zara).leather jacket- runway


4. Leather Jacket
I have been devoted to the Danny Zuko look since forever. When you pair up a leather jacket with a dress it’s incredibly chic and when you wear them with jeans/ slacks it’s undeniably cool. Pair it with some aviators and heels and you got yourself a killer outfit.


5. Bib Necklace
These have been seen all over the red carpet but now I want to see them all over your neck! These necklaces come in all types of materials from turquoise to lace mesh rosettes. I recommend we all go out and find ours and pair them up with our favorite t- shirt and jeans. It would make a simple outfit seem so effortlessly chic.

 6. Short Dark Crop
Allure Magazine this month says that the new fall look is short hair! And thank goodness. So many girls today are clinging to their hair like it just grew back from a radioactive accident. Please ladies there’s a reason Cher isn’t famous anymore. Let’s leave her hair back with her fame. I don’t want to see anymore of you whipping your hair behind your shoulders- it’s gross, and I’m the only person with enough balls to tell you. Please see the photo I have provided, print it and run to your nearest hair salon. Dark brown hair and black brows are so sexy right now. Totally sex pot, femme fatal. Do it ladies- I did!

porcelain_doll7. Porcelain Doll Makeup
I wanted to try this look for the masquerade party but I didn’t have enough time. I ordered my NARS lipstick in “Fast Ride” from Sephora but it didn’t come in the mail till today (BOO).

Here are the Illamasqua instructions on how to get this look:
Start by applying Satin Primer all over the skin with the Foundation Brush to get a smooth, even and glowing finish. Then apply Cream Foundation in 100 or 110, depending on your skin tone and how porcelain you want to go! I find that using the Highlighter Brush to buff this product in gives the most flawless finish. Stipple the foundation over the brows to fade them out to fully replicate this look – the focus is on the lashes, not the brows. [nb: Alex Box likes to use soap and a toothbrush to press the eye shadow hairs against the skin to help them merge away!]

For the cheeks, apply Powder Blusher in ‘Chased’ under the cheekbones to faintly sculpt and work it up towards the temples, blending in to the hairline.

For the eyes, apply Powder Eye Shadow in ‘Vision’ all over the lid, then take the Powder Eye Shadow in ‘Forgiveness’ and apply all over the mobile lid and along the lower lash line. Apply Powder Eye Shadow in ‘Wicked’ to the inner and outer corners of the eye and along the lower lash line. Line the inner rims with Medium Pencil in ‘Hex’ for a natural colour that will make the whites of the eyes ‘pop’ – essential when using red and purple toned eye colours that can make eyes look a little bloodshot.

Take the False Eye Lashes ’10’ and apply several sets along the lower lash line for added impact. Heavily coat the top lashes with Volume Mascara in ‘Harness’.

For the lips, line with Medium Pencil in ‘Severe’ and apply Sheer Lipgloss in ‘Brilliant’ for a glysl-fall-2009ossy finish.

Illamasqua available at Sephora & at www.sephora.com

Let’s all try this. Send me some pics and let me know how it goes!!!

8. Dark Berry Lips
Like I said My “Fast Ride” NARS lipstick just came in the mail TODAY so you know I’m going to going everywhere with my dark cranberry lips. Just how look stunning the YSL model looks. Let’s all follow her example. 




9. Lash Blast
This is the final step of your fall look. Lash Blast actually works!! NO JOKE! To prove you how amazing it is I will let you a little story… I always take my Lash Blast to work. I usually keep it in my pocket or next to my phone because I have developed a serious addiction to it that I HAVE to apply and reapply serveral times a day. So on one of these days I guess I left it on my desk and forgot about it- the mascara was gone within hours. I haven’t seen it since. I’ve felt so naked all week that I had to go out and buy a new one last night. Someone at work now knows the secret of Lash Blast. Please do us all a favor and get yourself a tube immediately. Here’s where to find it- Rite Aid, Target, Walmart, Wallgreens, CVS, Longs Drugs. Just go get one trust me.

jessica-stam-fendi10. Jessica Stam
Ok so you can’t really wear Jessica Stam- unless you’re that creepy skin peeling guy from silence of the lambs, and we all  know that will never be in sytle. But no runway, no ad campaign, no magazine, no designer would be complete without JESSICA STAM. I love her!! Did you see her in a Galliano Paris runway show? Why can’t we all have her face? Let’s all pretend we’re her when we dressing up on a saturday night. I know I will.

Well ladies I hoped this helped. Happy shopping I know you all will look beautiful.
Bite me…

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