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M.I.F. Missing in Fashion

Sorry my little bitters. I haven’t been reporting my fashion muses and inspirations lately. It hasn’t been a good 2 weeks if you haven’t already noticed. So I am here to redeem myself. I hope this inspires you as much as does me- because to be honest I’ve been dressing a mess lately. Super disgusting. Gotta get back on that fashion horse and hold onto those reins like fashion is going to die tomorrow.

So let me start off by saying that I’m totally obsessed with black lipstick right now. Look at Leighton Meester- I am so loving her. I love her transition into music. I like her better as a singer than as “Blair Waldorf” UHG! look at those cheek bones!

Next, although we have moved into the colder seasons of fashion I am loving high waisted shorts and one shoulder tops like the ones in the photo below.

Third on the list are these LAMB peep toe booties. Forever 21 has similar ones for $30. I’m planning on getting them tomorrow I’ll let you know how it goes.

Last but not least on my list is POSH BECKS
All I want to know is.. How does she do it?
She makes her style look so effortless and chic.

I know I will.

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