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I <3 iCarly!!

December 29, 2009 8 comments

If you have been hanging out with me lately (which BTW you haven’t) you’d know that I am a totally obsessed fan of iCarly! I love Miranda Crossgrove! I love Freddie, Spencer, Sam and Gibby! I even added Miranda to my library and that’s serious stuff right there! I hope I get the series on DVD soon (Art that’s a hint). So please do yourself a favor and watch it- REGULARLY! I will be quizzing you on this later 😉 

Yeah! Suck it Miley!!!

Watch and learn.
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The Bar Hop

December 29, 2009 8 comments

Let’s go bar hopping!

 I’ve been reading this blog called “The 100 Girls 100 Days Project” it’s written by a man in New York that goes by the alias “Travis Dillinger” (What do boys love about Dillinger anyway? Personally I don’t get it). Well Travis is attempting to date 100 girls in 100 days which is extremely entertaining. I find myself at work not working and just reading and reading his blog- it’s going to be turned into a movie I just know it. Travis talks and talks about the drinks he orders and all the random girls he kisses and never calls back. I’m completely obsessed with this blog. Anyway… Travis is clearly an alcoholic and he admits it. He goes to a bar every night alone, with friends or on dates. It get’s me wanting to go to a bar.

I would start off the night with a shot of Patron followed by a Kamakazi then a Kentucky Lemonade and if I get to it an Adios Mutha’ucker…

All I need is for some friends to join me. My girl Lauren moved to Colorado yesterday. M hasn’t spoken to me since he broke up with ZY used to be joined at the hip with Z but now is hanging with M. C (who likes to be called R for some stupid reason) is a miserable little prick even though we still love him. Everyone else is either too young or too eager to bitebritt to even be considered to be invited for drinks. So as you can see Art and I are stuck without friends to get stupid with. Maybe we should call up J & E they were really fun that night we went to Ketchup with them. Art has also be hinting that he wants to hang with his friend P and her George Lopez look-a-like husband but I don’t know her that well and don’t feel all the comfortable around her yet but maybe a couple of drinks can fix that. Are alcoholic drinks vegan? Because if they’re not P and her hub won’t touch’em :/ ho humm…

So if you’re a JDub and you need some new friends leave me a nibble and we’ll make plans to hook up. As long as you’re not K (no I don’t mean you KKAJ) or S we’ll be fine!

Sorry for the gossip girl like letters.
Drink on- Read on!
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The Unsure Indie

December 28, 2009 3 comments

Hello All!
I’ve been thinking about style today. Pondering on everyone’s style- wondering which one I classify myself under. Jealous of the hipsters because you can clearly identify them (drat). After texting my high school BFF (Kathy Kay AKA KKAJ) we discovered that we are the unsure indies. We wore what we wanted we listened to whatever music we liked even if it wasn’t mainsream had few political views and were/are passionate about art. Still we won’t fully admit we are indie. Does that prove our status? Do we live by the rule- if you’re indie never say you’re indie?? Important questions… lol.

Indie Bible


MK our Indie Queen

What’s your style?
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Pamper yourself- no I don’t mean diapers

December 23, 2009 Leave a comment

My sweet nibblers,

Do you ever wish you could do something about your face?! Well there’s nothing you can do about what your momma gave you but you can do something to make it look better than it already does 😉

Ever want a massage or a facial or an all around relaxing day of pampering?? Well I got just the thing for you!! My wonderfully sweet and talented sister owns a spa in Old Town Torrace!

 It is called TresJulie!!

I guarantee you that you will not regret going to…

1327 Post Avenue, Siute G
Torrance, California 90501

My lovely sister and mother own the place and they are the nicest people you will ever meet! (I’m the mean one in the family). When you make your appointment you will see how nice they really are. They even throw in extra treatments for free! (shhh.. they usually don’t tell you that they give you extra care- they just do it without you noticing). If you don’t believe me look at these reviews posted on

“The spa is run by its owner Julie and she is one of a kind. You will love your treatment and you will wanna go for more. So, go and enjoy a nice day. You deserve it!”

“This us such a great spa. I’ve been to some higher end spas, but this definitely takes the cake. The owner is experienced and it is obvious she cares for her clients and the treatment she is giving. She communicdates to educate you while she is giving you a treatment. I liked it so much, I book all my treatments for 1 day. Facial, Massage, Leg/Arm/Arm Pit Waxing, Manicure, Pedicure. It was the best pampering experience I could have given myself.”

“The owener, Julie, she is the best one I’ve ever met. When you need any help, she’s always there for you.”

“I have been to many spas in the greater LA area (including the Southbay) and have never had such a pleasant all round experience. The spa’s atmosphere is relaxing and luxurious that you can forget about the rest of the world for a few moments (at least for an hour or so.) The treatment was tailored to my needs and result oriented. The staff was also very inviting and willing to pamper me.”

“The owner Julie is sweet and accomodating. Very knowledgable as she understudies from a local European master skin care technician. The product line is one of the best in the field. Individual attention here is the rule…Check in for ninety minutes of bliss plus results!!”

SEE! I told you so!!!
So when you go make your appointment mention Bitebritt and then report back and tell me all about your experience!

Pamper yourself!
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Song of the day Playlist

December 23, 2009 1 comment

  Check out my new flash player.
You can now listen to the son gof the day here!! HOORAY! Aren’t you excited?
The order of the playlist is newest to old. Enjoy!

Music Playlist at


Listen up.
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Ain’t got me a John Frusciante

December 21, 2009 Leave a comment

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Dearest Nibblers,
Sad news….
Wednesday, December 16,2009 marked a sad day for The Red Hot Chili Peppers and their fans. After a year the band has been on hiatus John announced that he quit the band for the second time over a year ago.

Makes you wonder what else the RHCP has kept from us since stadium arcadium broke out.
This news also makes us wonder if the band can ever really keep it together. The guitarist slot has forever been a revolving door and John has forever been a person you couldn’t depend on. Ever since he joined RHCP when he was just 18 he has had ideas of his own and a free will no one could tame.

With the band going into the studio to cut a new record this year what can we expect? Will we get a one hot minute rerun? Should they even go on without John?

The year RHCP was recording stadium arcadium Flea reported that he had considered quitting the band because of John. Do you think things will get better? I think I will always remember them for their earlier days as a band and whatever comes will come. At this point I think they have been through so many ups and downs that it’s a free for all and I really don’t care anymore. If they come out with a stellar album I will be happy and if it’s mediocre like it has been for a while now it really won’t make a difference.

 Harsh words coming from a devoted fan (me).

PS. Chad the dummer is also going solo. But will he stay with the band?? I guess we’ll have to wait and see

Listen to classic RHCP
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Bring back the 90s and “HEROIN CHIC” while you’re at it!

December 21, 2009 Leave a comment

Fashion will go one step further. It’ll be more than heroin chic. It will OD. FASHION SUICIDE….

Oh if those words were true. Too bad they were only in a bubbly Jennifer Gardner movie- 13 going on 30.

I miss the 90s and I feel like I am the only one. I miss Kate Moss on the runway- before she had too much money to decide that she doesn’t like to walk the runway. And I miss James King looking strung out in every fashion campaign. Please see photo….

I miss 90s rock.

Where’s Jane’s Addiction? Where is the classic Red Hot Chili Peppers? Where is the anti attitude? Anti happiness? Anti 80s excess? Where are the singer songwriters of the 90s that would rock out the Lilith fair? Nine Inch Nails  isn’t even touring anymore- I mean c’mon people! The 2000s are so LAME!!! With the rise of horrible teeny bopper bands such as Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, the “Jo Bros” and Miley Cyrus there isn’t much to live for musically anymore.

Music used to mean something other than money. It used to express emotions other greed and mindlessness. People used to get high and actually think! Can you believe that? There used to be people in the world that had drug addictions that would willingly escape reality only to come up with some of the best lyrics some of the best thoughts- ideas on the face of the earth. Not that I’m supporting drug use, addiction or experimenting with any of those. What I am trying to say that it’s sad that now a days “musicians” can’t come up with decent lyrics. They can’t create magic or that feeling people used to get by listening to a really great song. No one gets goosebumps anymore by just listening to that one song on the radio. Today kids go “OMG that’s the jam! That’s my song!” But really what are these songs saying? That we should put our hands in the air- oh my bad it’s not even “AIR” anymore it’s “Ayer” like we just don’t “Cayer”. How more idiotic can this country be?? Am I the only one that is disappointed in the direction today’s culture is heading and/or has already gone? *sigh*

Bite me- Literally.