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Wedding Bliss

Hello readers,

Tonight’s topic is da dada dum da dada dum… yes, weddings.
With so many people getting married and/or engaged recently I thought it would be right to blog about it. I decided since I’m not the lucky bride to be I’d just share my thoughts on wedding ideas. 

First off the dress!
I have been thinking about this the past few days and my favorite dress for a modern wedding is a “short-long” dress.
I for one LALALALOVE showing my LEGS! I think milky white legs are sexy and thank goodness I have them! Haha suckas! Anyway I doubt many brides have walked down the aisle in one of these dresses so there will hardly be a chance of a rerun unless you or your friends are bitters. 

Rainbow Roses

Second the flowers…
I love either extremely dark flowers or overly bright ones. On my special day I either want to go with an all black flower motif or with all rainbow roses. Yes! they’re real! My wonderful boyfriend Art sent me a bouquet of these magnificent flowers earlier this year. Please see attached photos of my favorite wedding flowers…
Look at the calla lilies. Aren’t they beautiful?

Black Calla Lilies

Now what’s on your mind? What is on your head?! Personally I hope fairies take time out of their busy magical schedule to put this on top of my dome..

Fairy Tiara

Wrists have a lot to say don’t they?

Crystal Bib Necklace

Take a gander at this work of art by who other than CHANEL.. 

Wring your neck with this sucker!
Look at the ice that you could be wearing at your big day! It’s so cold and fierce. Yum- as delicious as a glazed donut. Where can I get myself one of these??? Tell me please.
Don’t weddings begin with rings? Hmmmm?
Well look here at what you can wear that is totally cute and symbolizes you tying the knot.

Tie the Knot

 And if you don’t like cute stuff look at this statement ring that is incredibly chic…


Statement Ring

Butterfly Peep Toe

Shoes shoes shoes!
Look at these beauties. I would love to have these. I know you would too! Not only will your happiness fly you away to ecstasy but these shoes will too. 


Twilight Wedding

Now how about we talk about themes? Every heard of anything called i dunno.. Aaaaa… Twilight Wedding?
We all want to marry our Edward/Jacob/Jakeward I KNOW I DO!
So if you have snagged your delicious kissable vampire why not have a twilight themed wedding? Here is a link (http://letterstotwilight.wordpress.com/2009/06/23/a-twilight-themed-wedding/) of a blog here on WordPress that will give you some pointers on how to throw Alice’s perfect idea of a honey-eyed blood thirsty wedding. 


Finally, THE RING!! Turis you better be reading.
Remember the description of Bella’s Ring? Look at this twilight inspired ring… 

Bella Inspired Engagement Ring

I, however, like vintage looking rings like these.. 

Vintage Blue Ring

Or like this… 

Antique Ring
Criss Cross Ring

But what if you’re a modern girl? Would you like a ring like this?? 

So all in all just be yourself. Plan and decorate they way you want. You only get your dream wedding once. Some get theirs earlier than others obviously :/ 

So remember if you’re getting married before me I HATE YOU!
And if you are one of my friends or enemies that steals my wedding ideas I will hunt you down on your wedding day and kill you 🙂 

Till next time
Save your virtue and make Renesme!
Bite me.

  1. ART
    December 15, 2009 at 11:55 AM

    I gotta step up my game. Great ideas though baby!

    Love you


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