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Ain’t got me a John Frusciante

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Dearest Nibblers,
Sad news….
Wednesday, December 16,2009 marked a sad day for The Red Hot Chili Peppers and their fans. After a year the band has been on hiatus John announced that he quit the band for the second time over a year ago.

Makes you wonder what else the RHCP has kept from us since stadium arcadium broke out.
This news also makes us wonder if the band can ever really keep it together. The guitarist slot has forever been a revolving door and John has forever been a person you couldn’t depend on. Ever since he joined RHCP when he was just 18 he has had ideas of his own and a free will no one could tame.

With the band going into the studio to cut a new record this year what can we expect? Will we get a one hot minute rerun? Should they even go on without John?

The year RHCP was recording stadium arcadium Flea reported that he had considered quitting the band because of John. Do you think things will get better? I think I will always remember them for their earlier days as a band and whatever comes will come. At this point I think they have been through so many ups and downs that it’s a free for all and I really don’t care anymore. If they come out with a stellar album I will be happy and if it’s mediocre like it has been for a while now it really won’t make a difference.

 Harsh words coming from a devoted fan (me).

PS. Chad the dummer is also going solo. But will he stay with the band?? I guess we’ll have to wait and see

Listen to classic RHCP
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