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Going out of business!!

Why do the words and phrases “sale”, “clearance”, “blow out”, “50% off”, “going out of business”, and “everything must go” send women everywhere into a frenzy? I hadn’t thought of this when I agreed to go to the local DSW with my mother and sister.
Jules told me and mom that the DSW in Westwood was going out of business. So of course mom being the bargin shopper she is jumped at the chance of a good deal. I the dummy thought that all shoe department stores were the same. I thought that just because this particular store was closing their doors forever that there would still be rows upon rows upon rows of couture, and designer goods. I thought I would finally be able to purchase L.A.M.B. and Jimmy Choo for 70% off- well like I said I’m a dummy- I thought wrong.
When we got here there were only 2 aisles of my size (6) and the rest of the store was cleared. Within 5 minutes I knew I wasn’t going to like anything or find anything I thought would be worth my time. Of course my sister and my mom thought that lot of things were amazing. I was forced to sit in a little corner watching 2 purses and the merchandise. Uuhhgg!! What torture! I began to fall asleep. Feeling embarassed I willed myself awake and decided to scold everyone for leaving their crap with me. People started asking me if I was going to buy 30 pairs of shoes (literally). I was in agony. I learned my lesson and I hope you learn from my mistakes. When people tell you going out of business, 50% off everything, clearance and everything must go don’t always believe that it’s a good thing. Because believe me it’s NOT! I should’ve stayed home. I should’ve stayed in bed. Nothing good can come out of shopping with your mother and sister. Trust!

This time only don’t bite me.

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