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I had to write this before I am completely gonzo. I am currently at braodway bar & lounge getting smashed. I think Travis would be proud of me.
I have had so far a Kentucky Lemonade and a shot of Patron (yes Kathy I know you disapprove). I am currently working on my second Kentucky Lemonade. I hope this isn’t the day my dad decides to read my blog lol. Shut your face Alma. Jk.
Why am I here? Good question.
I was invited by Art’s sister. To hang with her friends. But as I do not really know them or care to get to know them (I just feel like being my introverted self tonight-I’ll get to know them better another time) I have decided to get hammered.

How many ways can you say drunk in different ways? Hrmmm….

Anyway I’m way too drunk to keep writing. Will report back later.

Thank god for iPhone auto correct.
Bite Britt.

  1. jo
    January 25, 2010 at 11:18 AM

    yes u would do this. we needa find you a 21 year old jdub buddy or find me a fake id 🙂

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