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Dreaming in Noir is so MONOCHOMATIC

January 26, 2011 2 comments


It’s so monochromatic
You just have to HAVE IT
An Ode to black
A color that never fades back
Year around it’s ALWAYS in season
And baby doll you know you wear it for any little reason


Have you noticed what the color black can do to a person?
ONE color can evoke glamour, fear, sadness, sexiness, mystery, DRAMA! How can a single color do this? How can ONE color mean so many things while an other color can mean only one? Think about the color white for example… white can mean angelic, purity, wholesomeness, youth, cleanliness, perfection- but really aren’t all the words I used just synonyms? They all mean something GOOD. Black on the other hand is a dramatic color much like his sister color red, many emotions can come from it.

Are you wondering why I am so entranced by black today?
Well lately I’ve been having the mean reds. I’ve been upset and depressed and just all over the place. My emotions have been so up and down. So last Friday I thought I needed a little pick me up. A little retail therapy. While shopping I found some items I liked and eventually purchased. It wasn’t till now (5 days later) that I realized that all of my garments matched my mood. I bought a tank, skinny cargo pants, and a shift dress- ALL IN BLACK. I was so depressed when I bought them that I didn’t even notice that my clothing was looking a bit depressed too. However yesterday I received a pleasant phone call that turned my week right around. My agent called and said that he booked me an audition. He told me to dress cute- you know wear something that is flattering to my body and fits my personality. I started thinking.. what could that be? What could I possibly wear?? I started to mentally go through my closet. I flung open my closet doors. I took my finger and went through every hanger. I started to panic.. I started to grab garments and throw them on the floor. NOTHING looked right. Looking around I noticed that my hallway was starting to look a little scary. I had created a mess! Thankfully, this was all in my imagination so cleaning up was as simple as thinking an other thought. But I put away the thought anyway. I would come up with the perfect outfit later. THEN! it hit me. BLACK!! I would wear my new black tank and a black skirt that everyone loves. But wait, wasn’t I just depressed? Wasn’t black my emo goth color? Now black is my confident look at me I look 10 pounds lighter color? EXACTLY. That’s my point exactly! But you biters are so smart I’m sure you already knew that. Does any color make you feel this way?

Below are a few of my favorite things that come in black… Maybe your closet/wallet will get inspired and treat you to some new threads…


Paint the Runway Noir

Black Smokey Eyes Always Have a Way of Making any Guy or Gal Feel Sexy

Christian Louboutin Satin D'orsady.. I WISH

An LBD is ALL You Need

What is it About a Leather Jacket That says I'm so Cool? See how you can too DIY This Jacket Simply by Clicking the Image

Black Leggings are so Versatile. I Hope you Have a Few Pairs in your Closet.

Black Sunglasses are ALWAYS the Best Choice. Classic.

Any Time you Find Any Elegant Black Embroidery, do Yourself a Favor and BUY IT!

Although not all men Like Black Nails, Never Fret. They're Always in Style and Always Sexy.

And if all Else Fails and you Still Feel Blue.. Just Put on Your Favorite Movie. I KNOW I WILL ūüėČ


Keep dreaming in noir baby, it’ll make you feel better.

Ps. I hope you know that I purposely just gave you the recipe for a sick vicious outfit–> I hope you noticed.




I love you all.


Why so BLUE?

January 20, 2011 2 comments

Biters have you  been feeling blue??

Well if you have so have the Spring 2011 runways. Blue is a hot color for this spring or should I say cool? Blue was crawling all over the runways from Sailor inspired trousers to jeans to suits to coats. Everyone is gonna be digging this in the next few months. Here are some of my top picks for the color blue. Hope you enjoy! Get inspired. BE BLUE!

Bite me- XOXO,

From the Ocean, a Goddess Rises

The Beach isn't the Only Place we'll be Seeing Color Blocking

"Regatta" is the new blue this season. If you're a designer THIS is the pantone you want to get your hands on! Call the factory! Time to get your lab dips.


Baby Envy

January 15, 2011 2 comments

Hi my Baby Biters,

Britt Here. I know I have been a bad mother and neglected you all. But the thing is that if you really were my babies I KNOW that I’d be a great mom. I’d stay up with you at night if you were restless or get up early if you were hungry. I’d sing Guns N Roses: Sweet Child O Mine and play my La Vie en Rose music box for you if you were sleepy. But the fact is that I only have you my biters and I do love you but I do have baby envy.

You think they'd notice if I took him?

As if I were Kim Kardashian and I were itchin’ ¬†to steal my sisters baby (Not really Kim- don’t kill me. This is just for Haha’s). This week I started getting suspicious about my lady parts. I was doing things there were unexpected, things that were making me the nervous. So I quickly took out my handy dandy google and started searching my symptoms. After doing so I still wasn’t satisfied with what I had found online so I took out my birth control¬†pamphlet. I knew there had to be something about my symptoms in there, I opened up the dang thing and there my symptoms were in black in white. Nausea, changes in appetite, SPOTTING. I was sad yet relieved. My dreams of tiny baby clothes and exaggerated baby names floated away like an interrupted daydream. Then again my worries of rent and bills and car payments came rushing back to me. My husband would kill me if I were pregnant. He’d kill me then rejoice. Luckily for me, I have many friends with beautiful babies. Babies I can borrow, babies I can spoil, babies I can LOVE. BABIES I CAN SHOP FOR!!!

With that said, I wanted to share with you the talents of one of my very best friends- Lauren Coria-Avila. She is one of my baby momma friends with a heart of gold and hands of platinum! Her and her mom Melissa create one of a kind vintage inspired baby garments. They are nothing less than darling. You won’t ¬†find anything like it anywhere. Their line is called Le Coria Bebe and you can learn all about it at or LIKE their page on facebook¬†
Here¬†Mon¬†petite pixie Lauren blogs about her latest designs and even has tutorials for zinky things such as “tuxedo center pieces” you should¬†definitely¬†check it out!! And of course do what you do best… BITE IT!! Below I have added images of her work, like my favorites: bib with feathered¬†rosettes, Marie Antoinette bib and her Navy Linen Romper.¬†I hope you love her designs as much as I do.


Bib with Feathered Rosettes

Marie Antoinette couture baby bib

Navy Linen Romper

So if you have rug-rats of your own please think of my lady love Lauren!! Couture satisfaction guaranteed!

Remember you can now also LIKE BITEbritt on Facebook ¬† and don’t forget to follow me on twitter!¬†!/BITEbritt

Well that is all for me. Gotta go and dream of candy corn and Captain Hook with my handsom husband.

XOXO- bite me,


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