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I’m a barbie girl in a barbie world- Life in plastic it’s FANTASTIC!

November 7, 2009 3 comments


Barbie Lips!!!
Please see example….
My goodness how do you stand it? It’s so delicious. Yum Yum PINK. And may I add I want that platinum barbie hair the M.A.C. model has- even if it is a wig.
I Just got my pink lipstick from Easy Breezy Beautiful COVERGIRL in #806 “Pillow Pink” Tres cute!

Sephora is featuring a pretty barbie pink in their new holiday campaign. Buxon Big & Healthy lipstick in “Las Vegas” $18.


Last week I requsted poetry to be submitted- here is another left in my comment box from Ravenstooth. Enjoy!

Full moon’s rising as the black envelopes the sky.
How could you forget that once it’s over we die.
The surgar runs sweet through the autumn trees.
Our bodies collapse by the innocence in the breeze.
Upon the hollow motionless and torn.
We gaze up and see the morning born.

Even though I do Like this poem I wish it were a bit more up beat since I can’t contain my joy for Barbie!!

Let’s all be pretty in pink!
Bite me.