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Bring back the 90s and “HEROIN CHIC” while you’re at it!

December 21, 2009 Leave a comment

Fashion will go one step further. It’ll be more than heroin chic. It will OD. FASHION SUICIDE….

Oh if those words were true. Too bad they were only in a bubbly Jennifer Gardner movie- 13 going on 30.

I miss the 90s and I feel like I am the only one. I miss Kate Moss on the runway- before she had too much money to decide that she doesn’t like to walk the runway. And I miss James King looking strung out in every fashion campaign. Please see photo….

I miss 90s rock.

Where’s Jane’s Addiction? Where is the classic Red Hot Chili Peppers? Where is the anti attitude? Anti happiness? Anti 80s excess? Where are the singer songwriters of the 90s that would rock out the Lilith fair? Nine Inch Nails  isn’t even touring anymore- I mean c’mon people! The 2000s are so LAME!!! With the rise of horrible teeny bopper bands such as Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, the “Jo Bros” and Miley Cyrus there isn’t much to live for musically anymore.

Music used to mean something other than money. It used to express emotions other greed and mindlessness. People used to get high and actually think! Can you believe that? There used to be people in the world that had drug addictions that would willingly escape reality only to come up with some of the best lyrics some of the best thoughts- ideas on the face of the earth. Not that I’m supporting drug use, addiction or experimenting with any of those. What I am trying to say that it’s sad that now a days “musicians” can’t come up with decent lyrics. They can’t create magic or that feeling people used to get by listening to a really great song. No one gets goosebumps anymore by just listening to that one song on the radio. Today kids go “OMG that’s the jam! That’s my song!” But really what are these songs saying? That we should put our hands in the air- oh my bad it’s not even “AIR” anymore it’s “Ayer” like we just don’t “Cayer”. How more idiotic can this country be?? Am I the only one that is disappointed in the direction today’s culture is heading and/or has already gone? *sigh*

Bite me- Literally.


An Ode to L&B

November 19, 2009 Leave a comment

To my dearest L&B
I dedicate this post to you

I am broken
I am beaten down
Burried benethe the ground
That’s where you put me
Where you want me to stay
Until you’re ready to pick me up
Just to repeat the same
But I’m not stupid
As you believe me to be
I hear every word you’re saying
How treacherous you spit them at me
You think I’m a fool
But who is really fooling whom?

Don’t get mad- get even.
Bite me.

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Mini Post

November 2, 2009 1 comment


I’m at work right now eating some bagel bites and thought I’d drop you a mini post. As I promised here is a poem that was left in my comment box by Ravenstooth…

I’ve seen the bottom, always adrift.
I’ve been to the top, the agonies all lift.
A dry shriveled tongue spits out mist.
An uncharted thought always has a twist.

When reading this poem it makes me think of success. What it’s like to climb the social ladder, what it’s like to be at the bottom of it. People trying to drag you down with their words however in the end you’re the one that ends up on top. What do you think? 

Well that’s it for now..
Bite me.

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Teenage Poetry

October 31, 2009 2 comments

Hello my nibblers!
I was looking through some WordPress blogs last week when I ran into a blog about poetry and how this girl would write things down all the time thinking that she was emo and dark. And I started to think, didn’t we all go through that phase? I remember being 17 hearing about Hurricane Katrina on the news everyday, watching Hotel Rwanda, Listening to nothing but Corgan and being massively depressed. During all this I wrote songs and poetry. I felt that my life was so jumbled into one big mess but really there weren’t any real problems to complain about. The feeling of loneliness and darkness overwhelmed me. I remember crying because at that time I couldn’t escape how hopeless and helpless the world seemed through everyone elses eyes. I really did nothing but write on random sheets of paper and napkins, in notebooks and anything that would count as surface for my pencil. I was looking for all those papers now but I can’t seem to find them (I must have thrown them away). However I did mange to find one that I’ve always really liked. Here it is…

Written January 7th, 2007

Lingering Lily:
Lonely the lily sits
Under a lazy sun
Lethargically she waits for the water bearer to quench her
She knows it would be easier for her to just wilt away, a burden no more

He told her he needed her love
Adored her beauty
Showered her with such tender affection
The lily lingers with such high expectations

Now her god that blessed her with the purest of water has left her for the petals of another

I remember sitting next to my then friend while writing this. She was reading over my shoulder shaking her head back and forth like I was crazy. She never did understand me and thats partly why we aren’t friends anymore. Never let people discourage you creatively. Express yourself, strike a pose, VOGUE.

With that being said I found this amazing poem on “Ravenstooth’s Blog” 

And… We’ve created our inevitable demise.
And act like we were so surprised.
And it glows like a blacklight on our eyes.
And we look as if all our words were lies.

Check out their blog there is nothing but poetry. This is the only one I have read so far but isn’t so inciteful and unforgiving? I love it.

Send your poetry to my comments and I will post it on my blog.
Write on.
Bite me.

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