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HI BABY BITERS! Long time no blog!

April 21, 2010 7 comments

Hello my baby biters!

How I’ve missed you all! As you know I have been away. So many things have happened since we last spoke. I bought my first car (Mazda3 Hatch in Pearl White- I call  her ZumGAGA), I got a Facebook account (the real reason I haven’t been blogging), and I got a NEW job. I am now ASSISTANT DESIGNER at an active wear company called FAMBRANDS/MARIKA. That’s right I will no longer be answering the phones sorting samples and opening the door for people! I’m moving on up! AND!! Art’s sister asked me to help style a photoshoot she’s producing for her makeup line “Sassy Makeup” by Silvia O. I couldn’t be more thrilled!! Styling is one of those jobs I have dreamed and dreamed about. if one day I could become Rachel Zoe I would DIE! Too bad I don’t have a cool enough name…. anyway… lol.

It’s all very exciting. My life is going in so many different directions very quickly. It’s thrilling, scary, nerve wrecking and tiring. I can’t keep up with it all. But more importantly… I have made new friends that are keeping me busy. Just to show you that life does go on. I once thought I was the biggest loser with some stellar fashion sense but now I can’t go a few days without friends calling me up. And that fashion sense  I was talking about keeps getting better and better. I have realized in a short period of time how lucky I really am. I have people in my life that love me. I never thought that would happen. I have a wonderful boyfriend that makes me happy everyday and I adore his family and guess what?! they kinda like me too! That’s unheard of! So my suggestion to you is enjoy your life! Now is the time to live and be happy! Bite this if you don’t bite anything else! Be happy! Be YOU!

Ok… on to BITEbritt…

If you haven’t already noticed BITEbritt went through a makeover. In my goal to make everything futuristic looking I have changed the theme of my blog to “monochromatic” I feel it’s a much more clean-looking template, which I like.  If you don’t like it let me know so we can work together to make some changes.

Now time for some of my spring fashion favorites round #1

If you haven’t already noticed this spring is all about looking fresh and clean. The bold and bright of last winter is OUT! Proenza, McQueen, neon snakeskin it’s time to move on! Take a look at some of the images I have compiled to give you a basic idea of what you should be doing this spring…

Almost nude lip with pinch of color, cheeks like a doll and bare eyes. Tres chic mon amie!

A Striped tee can look refreshing. This trend is taking over. Try going for a nautical feel. This tee looks great on everyone. You can't go wrong... Also check out my favorite fashion blogger the Cherry Blossom Girl (Girl in photo)

A khaki jacket in beige or olive can make your outfit complete. This is perfect for spring when you just want to throw something over you tank.

Looks like this Harem Silhouette will not leave. Zara has this option of a Harem Jumper but there are other options if this is too overwhelming. You can go for just harem pants or harem shorts- both options will guarantee you a fab look for spring.

The Harem Silhouette is here to stay! Go with a jumper like the one shown here from Zara or go with something less drastic like a basic harem pant or short. This silhouette will keep you cool during this spring fever!

To look incredibly chic this spring think neutral! The colorless trend is all the rage. With pops of color like red, navy and black you're bound to be one fantastical fashionista!

Clogs! What more can I say? They have made a come back as seen here on the Chanel runway. Find a pair that suits your personality. Clogs can look a bit chunky and dull at times but when you work them into your wardrobe they can punch some life into your outfit. Ps. Make sure you can walk in them before buying. I would hate to think that you bought clogs just so they can sit in your closet.


The Bar Hop

December 29, 2009 8 comments

Let’s go bar hopping!

 I’ve been reading this blog called “The 100 Girls 100 Days Project” it’s written by a man in New York that goes by the alias “Travis Dillinger” (What do boys love about Dillinger anyway? Personally I don’t get it). Well Travis is attempting to date 100 girls in 100 days which is extremely entertaining. I find myself at work not working and just reading and reading his blog- it’s going to be turned into a movie I just know it. Travis talks and talks about the drinks he orders and all the random girls he kisses and never calls back. I’m completely obsessed with this blog. Anyway… Travis is clearly an alcoholic and he admits it. He goes to a bar every night alone, with friends or on dates. It get’s me wanting to go to a bar.

I would start off the night with a shot of Patron followed by a Kamakazi then a Kentucky Lemonade and if I get to it an Adios Mutha’ucker…

All I need is for some friends to join me. My girl Lauren moved to Colorado yesterday. M hasn’t spoken to me since he broke up with ZY used to be joined at the hip with Z but now is hanging with M. C (who likes to be called R for some stupid reason) is a miserable little prick even though we still love him. Everyone else is either too young or too eager to bitebritt to even be considered to be invited for drinks. So as you can see Art and I are stuck without friends to get stupid with. Maybe we should call up J & E they were really fun that night we went to Ketchup with them. Art has also be hinting that he wants to hang with his friend P and her George Lopez look-a-like husband but I don’t know her that well and don’t feel all the comfortable around her yet but maybe a couple of drinks can fix that. Are alcoholic drinks vegan? Because if they’re not P and her hub won’t touch’em :/ ho humm…

So if you’re a JDub and you need some new friends leave me a nibble and we’ll make plans to hook up. As long as you’re not K (no I don’t mean you KKAJ) or S we’ll be fine!

Sorry for the gossip girl like letters.
Drink on- Read on!
Bite me.


December 18, 2009 1 comment

You wish! you're too chunty to even consider wearing Prada!! But the rest is true...

If you don’t like my ideas you can just suck it because you know what?! You’re ideas aren’t that great either! And everyone knows it. So kiss my ass L&B!

PS. No one needs your sarcasm, insults or personality.

Turn Something Bad into Something Good

November 11, 2009 3 comments

Today I want to encourage all of you to turn something bad into something good.
For example, yesterday (Monday) I did not go to work. I was upset about my great grandpa dying this weekend and my dad leaving to Mexico. I didn’t want to go to work and be dazed and unfocused. It didn’t help that I kept dreaming about being at work not being able to concentrate.

So while I was at home I tried different things to distract myself. I tried to read, I updated the look of my blog (hope you like it), I checked my email. Nothing was really working. I was running out of ideas and then I remembered! I LOVE going on Craigslist and wandering through the site aimlessly. I immediately went to the pet section. I thought that if i looked for a puppy for Art i’d totally be distracted- and I was! I kept looking and looking knowing I was never going to find anything. But I kept on trucking I kept on looking at post after post, after post. Finally when I was about ready to give up I saw IT!!! I saw the ad that would change our lives! There was an ad for four 6 wk old husky/lab puppies. I called Art to ask him if he was interested and of course he was- they are two of his favorite dogs. It was a dream come true. Then I called the number on the ad- they guy never answered- I left a message and continued to write a lengthy email to this guy. I had to have one of these puppies. It was fate, meant to be, written in the stars if you will. When I was finally done pouring my heart out into the email I decided to heat up my lean cuisine (four cheese rigatoni- SO GOOD). While I was waiting for my lean cuisine my phone was ringing without my knowledge. When I came back into my room I was like “OMG this guy called- left no message, I lost my only chance!” A minute later I called- he answered he agreed to let me have a puppy! OMG OMG OMG OMG right?! I called Art, we were ecstatic. Finally Art would be getting the dog of his dreams!! A little 6 week old baby husky lab puppy!! YAY! Now we had to get the directions to Baldwin Hills, call up a vet, figure out where to get dog insurance, take the preventative measures to make sure our puppy would be safe and healthy because of course we ARE NOT having Dodger (the 1st) rerun! After all this was done we got Mikey to come with us to Baldwin Hills.

We arrived at Edwin’s (the man with the puppies) house late (sorry). There were about 5 puppies and there was already a couple there looking at them! OH NO what if they got the puppy we wanted just because they were there first?! When I saw them (the couple) they were petting a black and cream pup that looked predominately husky- this was the first and only dog to grab my attention. I bee-lined to him and immediately picked him up. Of course I wasn’t going to let his little guy get away. I did not put him down until the first couple selected another husky looking dog. In my head I was going “this dog is mine- I hope Art likes him too, EEK.” The other 3 pups where clearly more lab than anything else. There were two black ones and one golden. The dog in my arms was the last husky left. I let Art make the call- nervous the whole time that he was going to choose the blonde over the one my heart already told me was destined to be with us. LUCKILY Art and I were on the same wave length (being soul mates and all we often are lol). He picked the puppy I wanted. Art paid Edwin and we headed home with our newest member of the Tapia- Orozco family. All the way trying to figure out what his name was going to be. We came up with a few Corona, Baxter and Milo. We decided on Milo even though Art was dying to name him Dodger II.

So without further a do I would like to introduce you to our new puppy DODGER (II)- yes yes he in fact is not named Milo *tear*

Isn’t he the cutest thing???? And yes those are blue eyes!!!

Out of something bad (my great g’pa passing) came somehting good (Dodger). Let’s all all take AFI’s advice and dance through misery. Making something bad into something good.

<3Be happy<3
<3Bite me<3

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