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A WordPress Tutorial for Natalie Pack

July 12, 2010 2 comments

Hello my baby biters,

Today I will show you how to do something nice for a complete stranger- because random acts of kindness make the world go ’round.
While on twitter today (@BITEbritt) I noticed that Natalie Pack ([@nataliepack]of ANTM fame) was asking which blogging service to use as she wants to start her own blog. So of course because I lalalalove wordpress I immediately suggested it.

Two hours later here I am writing her a tutorial on how to start bloggin.
Ok Natalie you’re gonna have to and sign up. Select a clever/cute/whatever name for your blog. Make sure you love the name you select because you won’t be able to change it later (at least I don’t think). The name you choose will be your website ie: WordPress will then ask you to activate your account. So go to you email and activate your new blog. Once this is done I’m sure you’ll want to add some jazz to your new page.

Go to your Dashboard which is located at the top of the wordpress site. Click on this. When you see your dashboard you will see that there is some basic information here. There is your left side panel which has your editing tools. The center of the page you will see what is happening right now which is your basic blog info. In the column you will find the…
# of posts
# of pages
# of categorties
# of tags (tag as much as you can so your blog can get more hits)
# of comments
Recent comments
Incoming links- shows which websites are referring back to your blog

On the right side of the page you will see
Quick Press- for a quick post. A simple line or two, if you’re on the go.
Top Posts
Top Searches
Most Active (the past day)

I know I’m probably boring you so let’s get to the fun stuff…let’s talk about layouts for your blog. While you’re viewing your dashboard you can go to the left panel- scroll down till you see a tab called “Appearance” at this tab you will see a link called “themes”. Click on this link. This will take you to a page that is divided into two sections: “Manage Themes” and “Browse Themes”
To select your theme you will have to go the browse theme section. To view the free themes wordpress you can view them randomly, alphabetically, popular, or just added- just click on the categories provided. Once you have done this you can preview or active the theme you think you like and will work for your blog. I suggest that you preview then activate because a lot of these themes seem like a good idea but once they’re there on your page you might change your mind and have to go back and browse (here is a link for more themes

Once you have selected your theme you will probably want to add your twitter account and other extras. To do this go back to your themes page and click on widgets which is located under your manage themes header. You can also get to your widgets page by going to your dashboard and clicking on the widgets link underneath the themes link on the left side panel. Here on your widgets page you can select the extras you wish to add to your blog. These widgets will be located on the side panels of your blog layout. The widgets are highlighted in grey. Once you’ve found one you like simple click and drag it over to your right hand side to where it says “sidebar”. When you have successfully added your widget to your sidebar click on the down arrow on the right hand side and enter all th required information to active your widget. Please note that if the wrong information is imputed the widget will not work on your blog. This might require some trial and error.

Now that you have this all done you are now ready to start blogging!
Go back to your dashboard and click on “New Post” which is located at the tippy top of the page. When you start a new post you will be asked to give your post a title. From this title WordPress will generate a permalink for you. This permalink can be edited any time before publish your post. Make sure to tag your post with various words that describe your post to make sure you get tons of hits. When you think you’re done you may click on the preview button on the right side of the page OR if you’re sure you do not need to make any changes at this time click on “publish” and you’re DONE! And if you have to do some correcting don’t fret! You can edit at any time! Simply go to your blog and click on edit. Or while on your dashboard go to the left panel then click on post- this will take you to every post you’ve ever written- here you can edit.

If you need more help setting up your WordPress blog click on this youtube link *warning: the man in this tutorial is extremely boring* and if you find out that you really don’t like WordPress here is a tutorial on how to set up a blogger account *same boring guy*

Well Natalie I really hope this will help you. And WELCOME to the WordPress family. Make sure to send me the link to your blog so I can tell my subscribers to subscribe to yours! Good Luck!

And my sweet biters I hope that in the near future you take some time out to help someone in need.
Bite me.