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Girl, you’re looking a little “Humpty Dumpty”

November 19, 2009 Leave a comment

If you break a girl can she ever be put back together again?
Maybe the following will have the answer…..

Breaking The Girl
I am a man
Cut from the know
Rarely do friends
Come and then go
She was a girl
Soft but estranged
We were the two
Our lives rearranged
Feeling so good that day
A feeling of love that day

Twisting and turning
Your feelings are burning
You’re breaking the girl
She meant you no harm

Think you’re so clever
But now you must sever
You’re breaking the girl
He loves no one else

Raised by my dad
Girl of the day
He was my man
That was the way
She was the girl
Left alone
Feeling the need
To make me her home
I don’t know what when or why
The twilight of love had arrived


No? Ok how about this??
Breaking Up The Girl
In a modern culture
My friend you must be careful
They’ve a million ways to kill you
In this dangerous world
There’s an art to growing old
Taking chances
Magic happens
One mistake’s all it takes
And your life has come undone
Walk away cause you’re breaking up the girl
It’s a drag
I know it’s hard
But you’re tearing her apart
Walk away cause you’re breaking up the girl
I am afraid that there’s much to be afraid of
Here today and gone tomorrow
Don’t end up in the gutter
Just like the one before
You’re just the same
Such a loser
You’ve go to let her go because you’re breaking up
You’re breaking up the girl
The answer to my question…
No you can’t put her back- not completely.
Bite me.
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