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January 22, 2010 2 comments

I had to write this before I am completely gonzo. I am currently at braodway bar & lounge getting smashed. I think Travis would be proud of me.
I have had so far a Kentucky Lemonade and a shot of Patron (yes Kathy I know you disapprove). I am currently working on my second Kentucky Lemonade. I hope this isn’t the day my dad decides to read my blog lol. Shut your face Alma. Jk.
Why am I here? Good question.
I was invited by Art’s sister. To hang with her friends. But as I do not really know them or care to get to know them (I just feel like being my introverted self tonight-I’ll get to know them better another time) I have decided to get hammered.

How many ways can you say drunk in different ways? Hrmmm….

Anyway I’m way too drunk to keep writing. Will report back later.

Thank god for iPhone auto correct.
Bite Britt.


The Bar Hop

December 29, 2009 8 comments

Let’s go bar hopping!

 I’ve been reading this blog called “The 100 Girls 100 Days Project” it’s written by a man in New York that goes by the alias “Travis Dillinger” (What do boys love about Dillinger anyway? Personally I don’t get it). Well Travis is attempting to date 100 girls in 100 days which is extremely entertaining. I find myself at work not working and just reading and reading his blog- it’s going to be turned into a movie I just know it. Travis talks and talks about the drinks he orders and all the random girls he kisses and never calls back. I’m completely obsessed with this blog. Anyway… Travis is clearly an alcoholic and he admits it. He goes to a bar every night alone, with friends or on dates. It get’s me wanting to go to a bar.

I would start off the night with a shot of Patron followed by a Kamakazi then a Kentucky Lemonade and if I get to it an Adios Mutha’ucker…

All I need is for some friends to join me. My girl Lauren moved to Colorado yesterday. M hasn’t spoken to me since he broke up with ZY used to be joined at the hip with Z but now is hanging with M. C (who likes to be called R for some stupid reason) is a miserable little prick even though we still love him. Everyone else is either too young or too eager to bitebritt to even be considered to be invited for drinks. So as you can see Art and I are stuck without friends to get stupid with. Maybe we should call up J & E they were really fun that night we went to Ketchup with them. Art has also be hinting that he wants to hang with his friend P and her George Lopez look-a-like husband but I don’t know her that well and don’t feel all the comfortable around her yet but maybe a couple of drinks can fix that. Are alcoholic drinks vegan? Because if they’re not P and her hub won’t touch’em :/ ho humm…

So if you’re a JDub and you need some new friends leave me a nibble and we’ll make plans to hook up. As long as you’re not K (no I don’t mean you KKAJ) or S we’ll be fine!

Sorry for the gossip girl like letters.
Drink on- Read on!
Bite me.